GCCFV Judges


Sandra Weaver–Hall ~ Groups 1, 2, 3



Obanya 2065 Wellington Rd
Clematis 3782

Sandra had been indoctrinated from an early age (or perhaps it was part genetic) to appreciate good breeding in an animal by her Grandmother in the poultry and mixed farming business. As in all farming practices, productivity was good business practice, particularly so in small animal husbandry and poultry re their laying yield or meat capacity.

Sandra�s memories of tarnished silver cups and other trophies plus yellowing certificates lining the walls of a dusty office with many copies of the Weekly Times piled around the desk and floor, are vivid, as are her watching her Gran selecting and planning breeding stock, plus going on long trips to source new bloodlines in the old black Chevy .

Of course cats and dogs were all part of this early upbringing and that may explain a little of Sandra�s lifelong comment and love of animals. First showing and breeding dogs and then taking up seriously purebred cats in the very early 1970’s. Russian Blues (had to be after 15 yrs of owning the Russian dog breed, Borzoi) and then the Cornish Rex, as she always fell for the ’unusual’ and this wavy coated cat was just so special.

And so other breeds and challenges followed with quite a commitment to extending the breeding gene pool of the silver gene group in British, Somali and in the last 10 or so years, the delightful small breed that not a lot of people yet know about – the Singapura. This loving, cheeky and personality plus breed has ’attitude’! They seem to have integrated well into Sandra’s multi cat/dog household, but she is not saying who the ring leaders !

So now as an All Breeds judge, and judging a range of cat breeds and household pet, handling and talking about each is something she enjoys, especially if she can share with the exhibitors her love and knowledge of each, plus encouraging all to take the absorbing hobby of cat ownership further, onto the next generation.