Information on Membership of GCCFV

The Persian

Membership of Governing Council is available to all persons interested in cats and the Cat Fancy. Members have access to many services and benefits.

Membership classes available are:

  • Member (for residents of Victoria)
  • Junior (for residents of Victoria under 18 years of age)
  • Associate Member (for those residing outside Victoria)

Members are entitled to:

  • Vote at General meetings of Governing Council
  • Register cats/kittens or litters
  • Register prefixes
  • Obtain titles for cats that have gained the appropriate qualifications
  • Serve on the Committee
  • Receive Cat of the Year Awards

Juniors and Associate Members do not have voting rights, nor can they serve on the Committee.
Juniors cannot register undesexed adults cats or operate breeding prefixes, unless in partnership with a Member.
Associate Members cannot register cats or prefixes; nor obtain titles and Cat of the Year Awards unless in partnership with a Member

All Members must abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics of The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc. Copies of these may be obtained from the secretary, or at the stationery table at GCCFV shows.

A Joining Fee is payable on initial application for membership or after membership has expired. Annual membership fees are due by the 1st January each year. Where a membership has not been renewed before 31st December each year, membership expires.

For members interested in a more active role, there are many affiliated clubs available to join. Some are specialist breed clubs, but most are open to all cat lovers. Clubs run cat shows and exhibition throughout the year