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So you want to buy a purebred kitten - what now?

Firstly decide on the breed you are after.   If you are not sure, why not come to one of our shows, see the breeds in person, meet the breeders and get to see what the kittens will grow up to look like.   Reasearch the breed online, so you know what are the traits of the breed, what they alike to live with and what problems (if any) may exist in that breed.   Consider whether you want a longhair or shorthair, the activity level of the cat, whether you want a show quality or pet quality kitten, or maybe even a retiring adult cat.    Once you have picked your breed, look for a breeder, there a many on our web site.

Contact the breeder and see if they have any kittens currently available, if not ask to go on their waiting list.   Ask what you will be getting with your purchase - eg: are they desexed, how many vaccinations they have , are they microchipped, health guarantee.  Kitten pricing is up to individual breeders and will vary depending  upon the breed.     When kittens are available, make an appointment to see the kitten, and ensure the kitten is healthy and active.   When you take the kitten home, make sure that you follow the breeders instuctions to their care and settling into their new environment, as this can be a stressful time in a kittens life.

GCCFV cannot recommend a specific breeder, however below are some guidelines we suggest you follow:
a) Is the breeder willing to take time and share information, both before and after the sale,
b) Is the breeder keen to determine the home you will be offering the kitten,
c) The kitten must be 10 weeks of age or older, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped before coming to you,
d) Is the breeder suppling a health guarantee.

Good luck in the purchase of your new kitten and if you have any problems please contact us.