Code of Conduct of the GCCFV

As a Member of The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia & Vic Inc I will:
  • Be loyal to Governing Council and abide by its Constitution and By-Laws
  • Treat judges, officials and fellow members with courtesy
  • Care properly for all cats that I own or am responsible for, providing proper housing, food and veterinary care, and not permitting them to roam at large
  • De-sex any cat that I intend to keep but not use in a breeding programme
  • Not own an entire pedigree cat until I operate under a breeders prefix with GCCFV
  • De-sex by 5 months of age any non-pedigreed cat that I own
  • Encourage owners of domestic/pedigree cats to have them de-sexed by the age of 5 months and registered with their local council
  • Ensure that all cats and kittens follow a recommended vaccination programme and are on effective control programmes for internal and external parasites
  • Comply with legislation applying to the keeping and management of cats and take responsible action to reduce heritable disease.
  • Comply with GCCFV social policy (Please see the policy on the forms page)
Breeders will, in addition:
  • Not sell or dispose of cats or kittens to or through pet shops, markets or animal shelters, or allow any cat or kitten to be given as a prize or donation of any kind, nor act as an agent;
  • Not allow a female to be mated before she is 9 months of age;
  • Not allow a female to have consecutive litters with less than 6 months between litters;
  • Not allow a female to have more than 8 litters without veterinary approval of fitness for further breeding;
  • Not allow any cat to be mated to an animal that is not registered with a recognised control body or owned by a person who is not a financial member of such a body;
  • Not inter-breed two cats of two different recognised breeds without having an approved supplementary register programme;
  • Not part with possession of a kitten before it is 10 weeks old and has commenced its recommended vaccination programme and is micro chipped;
  • Provide new owners with written information on their responsibilities for the care and welfare of the cat or kitten, including de-sexing certificate, parasite control, diet, grooming and vaccination requirements, and provide ongoing help and advice to new owners;
  • Only sell, lease or board a cat or kitten if it appears to be in good health;
  • Refund the purchase money and take the cat or kitten back if it is unacceptable to a new owner within seven days of purchase for health or other valid reasons;
  • Refund the purchase money for any cat or kitten that dies or is euthanised within 6 months from a disease that is traced to my premises as verified by a statement from a veterinarian;
  • Maintain accurate and current registration records and provide new owners with agreed documentation in a timely manner
  • Register all Litters born where 1 (one) or more kittens survive.
  • Other than Cats or Kittens sold for breeding to a registered breeder, all Cats or Kittens sold or rehomed must be desexed prior to leaving the breeder's prperty.


Members failing to abide by this Code of Conduct may incur disciplinary action under the Constitution and By-Laws of GCCFV Inc. Such action may include fine, suspension of privileges, and suspension or expulsion from membership.

Please read the code of conduct located on the Forms page

The Birman