Show Rules of the GCCFV


All Cats & Kittens over 5 months old, including Companion Cats, must be individually registered with a recognised Control Body.

All kittens must be litter-registered and be 12 weeks old on the day of the show.

Exhibitors must provide a F3 Vaccination Certificate for ALL EXHIBITS. Kittens must have followed a recommended vaccination regime (first vaccination at least 10 days prior to the show) and all adults must have been vaccinated within the previous 2 YEARS. Commencing in 2005 the 1st adult booster vaccination must be given as closely as possible to 12 months after the final kitten vaccination.

All Household Pets over 5 months old must be Neutered

Lactating Queens may not be shown.

All exhibits must have their nails clipped, clean coats, clean ears, no fleas, and no stitches.

All exhibits must be inspected by the Veterinary Officer prior to entering the hall. Any exhibit showing signs of an infectious or contagious disease or external parasites will be rejected.

Any exhibit that is rejected by the Veterinary Surgeon for an infectious or contagious disease must be removed from the venue immediately, along with all other cats that have travelled to the show with it. The opinion of the Veterinary Surgeon is final. Entry fees will not be refunded. The exhibitor must obtain a veterinary clearance before attending any further shows.

After veterinary clearance, each cat must be placed in the correct cage.

All Exhibits over the age of 9 months are not permitted to share a cage until all Judging is completed, except at the discretion of the Show Manager.

The exhibitor must provide curtains & a cushion or mat and waterproof cage surround, these may be of any colour. Water bowls, toys & covered hot water bottles may be left in cages.  Litter trays can be left in for kittens and put into other cages at the conclusion of judging.

An exhibit may be disqualified if either it or its owner is identified to the Judge before judging is finished. No names or identification marks are allowed in or on cages.


Cats that are unable to be safely carried to the judges table or sufficiently handled for judging may be declared UNABLE TO BE JUDGED (UTJ). No cumulative penalty applies.

Any award may be withheld if the judge considers the exhibit has insufficient merit

No powder, sprays or phenol may be used in the venue, or bleach on/in cages.

All exhibits must travel to and from the venue in a suitable carry cage.

Trophies, ribbons, award cards and prizes that are placed on or under cages, during or after judging, are the responsibility of the exhibitor and will not be replaced.

Exhibitors must provide their own cages and they must conform to GCCFV guidelines.  

Wire mesh cages are preferred of approximate sizes:
Large 76L x 54W x 61H
Medium 61L x 53W x 61H
(These cages are also available for sale. (Large $63.00, Medium $58.00)

Cages must have an access door of resonable size on the front of the cage to get cats in and out of.

Cages must also be provided with solid water resistant side and rear panels (of corflute or similar material), or of a water proof cloth stretched tight. The purpose of these is to provide segregation from cats in adjacent cages.

"Sturdi" type folding cloth cages may be used.

In cases of doubt the cage must be approved by the Show Manager and GCCFV Representative. On completion of the show, exhibitors shall pack-up only when advised to do so by the Show Manager and remove food containers and all rubbish from the venue and take home all used litter.  NO EXHIBITORS ARE PERMITTED TO PACK UP OR LEAVE UNTIL THE ALL CLEAR HAS BEEN GIVEN BY THE SHOW MANAGER.

Exhibitors are expected to behave with courtesy at all times and failure to do so may incur suspension from showing.

Entries are accepted on the condition that the exhibitor :

  • observes the rules and regulations of GCCFV and of the Club
  • accepts as final the decisions of Judges and GCCFV
  • acknowledges that the cats are entered at the exhibitor's own risk. Whilst every care is taken, GCCFV and the Club shall not be held responsible for exhibits or personal property.
  • does not exhibit a cat or kitten that has been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease within a period of 21 days prior to the show.

The club conducting the show or GCCFV has the right to refuse any entry that contravenes these rules or any exhibitor who does not comply with the Rules of GCCFV or who is guilty of conduct unworthy of an exhibitor. GCCFV and the Show Manager reserve the right to refuse entry or request persons to leave the venue in cases of improper conduct.

Exhibits are divided into 3 groups, which are:

Longhair: Persian, Exotic, Birman, Norwegian Forest Cat, Turkish Van, Ragdoll & Maine Coon & Siberian.

Shorthair: Abyssinian, Australian Mist, Balinese,Bengal, British, Burmese, Burmilla, Burmilla Longhair, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Foregin White, Foreign White Longhair, Japanese Bobtail, Korat, Manx, Ocicat, Oriental, Oriental Longhair, Russian, Selkirk Rex, Scottish Fold, Scottish Shorthair, Siamese, Singapura, Somali, Sphinx, Tonkinese.

Companions: Longhair & Shorthair


Longhair & Shorthair Adults:

Untitled F M
Champion FC MC
Grand Ch FGC MGC
Double Grand Ch FDGC MDGC
Silver Ch FSilver MSilver
Gold Ch FGold MGold
For Opal to Platinum Female and Male compete together
Opal Ch Opal C
Sapphire Ch SappC
Emerald Ch EmldC
Ruby Ch RubyC
Diamond Ch DiamC
Platinum Ch PlatC

Longhair & Shorthair Kittens:

Under 4 months FK4 MK4
Under 5 months FK5 MK5
Under 6 months FK6 MK6
Under 7 months FK7 MK7
Under 8 months FK8 MK8
Under 9 months FK9 MK9

Longhair & Shorthair Neuters:

Untitled FN MN
Premier Neuter FPN MPN
Silver PN FSilverPN MSilvePNr
Gold PN FGoldPN MGoldPN
For Opal to Platinum Female and Male compete together
Opal PN OpalPN
Sapphire PN SappPN
Emerald PN EmldPN
Ruby PN RubyPN
Diamond PN DiamPN
Platinum PN PlatPN

Classes for Adults in each sex: winners receive a Challenge Certificate

Untitled for each colour in each breed

Champion, Grand Champion, Double Grand Champion, Silver Champion in each breed;

Gold Champion in each group

The same classes are run for Neuters but they are called Premier instead of Champion and winners receive an Award of Merit.

All Longhair & Shorthair titled cats registered with a CCCA affiliate are automatically entered for the CCCA Championship Award for each sex in each Group of Adults and Neuters.


Companion Kittens:

Longhair FLHK MLHK
Shorthair FSHK MSHK

Companion Neuters:

Untitled FU MU
Star FS MS
Grand FG MG
Double Grand FDG MDG
Silver FSilver MSilver
Gold FGold MGold
For Opal to Platinum Female and Male compete together
Opal FOpal MOpal
Sapphire FSaph MSaph
Emerald FEmerald MEmerald
Ruby FRuby MRuby
Diamond FDiam MDiam

Classes for Kittens in each sex: Longhair and Shorthair

Classes for Adults in each sex: Winners are awarded a Challenge certificates.

For Longhair and Shorthair separately - Untitled, Star, Grand Star, Double Grand Star, Silver Star;

Longhair and Shorthair - Gold, Opal, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby & Diamond Stars

Rosettes or ribbons are awarded to Best and Reserves (varying numbers, usually 1 place for each 5 exhibits) Adult, Kitten and Neuter in each Group. A Best Exhibit in Group may also be awarded, if organised for the show.

GCCFV members may apply for Titles when their cats have achieved:

4 x Challenges in Untitled class to become a Champion, Premier Neuter or Star ( 1 of which may be from a non-GCCFV show)

6 x Challenges in Champion class to become a Grand Champion, Premier Neuter or Grand Star (2 of which may be from a non-GCCFV show)

6 x Challenges in Grand Champion class to become a Double Grand Champion, Double Grand Premier Neuter or Double Grand Star ( 2 of which may be from a non-GCCFV show)

10 x Challenges in Double Grand Champion class to become a Silver Champion, Silver Premier Neuter or Silver Star ( 3 of which may be from a non-GCCFV show)

10 x Challenges in Silver Champion class to become a Gold Champion, Gold Premier Neuter or Gold Star ( 3 of which may be from a non-GCCFV show)

10 x GCCFV Challenges in Gold Champion Class across the group to be listed on the DJC Chandler Memorial Roll of Honour and have (Hons) after the cat's name. Companion Cats are listed on the Hirdie Shield. (All Challenges must be GCCFV Challenges)

10 x ACF Awards to become a ACF Award of Excellence, 10 more ACF Awards to go to the next level etc..

There is a ACF title system for Companions - 1 ACF Award will be awarded for Companions for both male and female in each ring of the show (not to include kittens).     
10 x ACF Awards will go towards an ACF Award of Honour, 10 more ACF Awards to go towards the next levet etc..

EXTRA PEDIGREE TITLES - These titles are only for GCCFV registered cats and only GCCFV certificates can be used.

All Challengers must be GCCFV Challenges and awarded at GCCFV Shows (this does not include any National shows)
Only GCCFV Cats are eligible.   
Both male & female compete together for the ONE challenge in Adults and ONE Challenge in De-sexed in Longhair & Shorthair

To become a:
OPAL Champion or OPAL Premier Neuter - 10 Certificates in Gold Class with the suffix "Hons" after the name.
SAPPHIRE Champion or SAPPHIRE Premier Neuter - 10 Certificates in OPAL Class
EMERALD Champion or EMERALD Premier Neuter - 10 Certificates in SAPPHIRE Class
RUBY Champion or RUBY Premier Neuter - 15 Certificates in EMERALD Class
DIAMOND Champion or DIAMOND Premier Neuter - 15 Certificates in RUBY Class
PLATINUM Champion or PLATINUM Premier Neuter - 20 Certificates in DIAMOND Class
After reaching Platinum Class the cat will receive a Comet style ribbon.


When the cat is eligible for a new title, an Honours Application Form must be completed and sent or given to the Honours Recorder or to a member of the Committee for approval before the cat is judged at another show. If the cat has already been entered, the Returning Officer must be notified of the new title by the date on the schedule or no later than 9pm on the Monday after a non GCCFV Show for status changes.  Upgrades of title will not be done at the show. Exception to this rule is when a show is run over consecutive days.

All Honours except Gold & Silver $10
All Honours except Gold & Silver with a pedigree upgrade $15.00
Gold & Silver Honours includes a comet $15.00
Gold & Silver Honours includes a comet and upgrade of pedigree $20.00  
Forms are available from the stationery table at shows or from the web site.


Cat of the Year Points are awarded for Best Adult, Kitten & Neuter in each Group.
One point is awarded for each 5 cats entered e.g 50 entries = 1st gets 10 points, 5th gets 5, 10th gets 1; 5 entries, only 1st gets 1 point.
Points are only accrued by cats owned by GCCFV members.
Awards are made annually to the Top GCCFV Cats, Kittens & Neuters in each Group.
Points attained by cats with the same prefix are added up for the Beryl Chandler GCCF Breeder of the Year Award in Longhair & Shorthair.
These Awards are presented to members at the Presentation Dinner.

The Burmese