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Carol Hoskins ~ Groups 1, 2 & 4 LEAVE OF ABSENCE


(03) 5968 5999

PO Box 458
Emerald Victoria 3782

Carol Hoskins – Group One & Two Judge GCCF Victoria Australia.

A member, and a Judge for the Governing Council of The Cat Fancy of Victoria Inc

My love of cats started in 1979 when I fell in love with, and purchased an Oriental Chocolate Spotted Tabby male kitten. As you do...

A dedicated show and breeding career began, supported by the importation of three UK Siamese males from the Kaloke and Darling Catteries...along with a selectively bred stable of quality Queens.

Our progeny soon graced the show benches throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Europe and Japan.
My prefix for the Group Two program was Lorac and the Silver program , Lurex...
We successfully bred, and/ or our boys sired, many BIS, Cats of the Year and Royal Melbourne Show winners.

I was invited to join the Group Two training course under Mrs Beryl Chandler GCCFV in 1991, successfully completing this course, then on to complete my Group One licence under Mr Rod Uren FCCV in 2003.

My ultimate aim is to see, possibly not in my lifetime, unity amongst the Cat Fancy in Australia, and a cohesion of like minded people, educating and promoting the public on the magic of being owned by a feline of any breed.

I am currently under the spell of a beautiful domestic Chocolate Tabby and White desexed male who landed on my doorstep 18 months ago and thought he might just stay for awhile...And that he has...