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Kerry Fowler ~ Groups 1,2,3


03 9397 2529

PO Box 555
Williamstown 3016

Profile for Kerry Fowler, 12.3.18
Good day, I am a fully qualified All Breeds Judge with GCCFV and ACF, commencing with my Group 3 license in 1995, followed by my Group 1 and 2 licenses in 2004 and January 2013, respectively. I have been fortunate to have judged in all eight major States and Territories of Australia, as well as North and South Islands of New Zealand. In 2014, I was honoured with judging All Breeds at the prestigious Sydney Royal Show as well as at the iconic Royal Melbourne Shows in 2014, 2015 and 2017. It was my pleasure to judge Shorthair cats at the esteemed ACF National Show in 2017.
My introduction to the cat fancy was through successfully owning; breeding and exhibiting silver spotted British Shorthair cats under the Cornfield prefix for over ten years. Our British were well known winning multiple Supreme and Cat of the Year awards.
My other achievements include:
– Book author of ‘Meow A genetic concert for cats’ describing feline inheritance genetics, DNA testing, genetic counselling for cat breeders and cat judging
– Author and co–author of over 50 peer reviewed scientific publications
– Foundation Trustee of Feline Health Research Fund: http://fhrf.org.au, 2000–2015; during this time 14 grants were awarded
– Invited Speaker in the fields of feline appearance, genetics, DNA testing, cat judging and the role of the judge
– Scientist who unexpectantly co–discovered the genes responsible for two different wavy–coated mouse mutants while working in cancer research
– Tutor Judge for All Shorthair cats
New Zealand 2005, 2013–15, 2017