Serving the Cat Fancy since 1928 !

The setting up of the The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc. in 1928, the third in the world, was a progressive, forward-thinking move and we intend to continue in the same way. We are a happy group, who help each other in many ways, from setting up and pulling down shows, to sharing knowledge and experience.We have affiliated clubs who run their own shows throughout the year, for more information about the clubs check out the Cat Clubs page. 


The GCCFV Secretary can be contacted via email:
or 0473 887 890
Email is the preferred method of contact please


All correspondence is to be address to:
PO Box 197, Lang Lang Vic 3984
4 / 170 Underwood Road, Ferntree Gully  3156




At the ACF meeting on 11 June 2024, ACF agreed to partial recognition of Cats Australia, their pedigrees will be recognised and Cats Australia members may enter the ACF National show and member body shows. Their judges and awards are not recognised, ACF judges may not officiate at Cats Australia shows.

GCCFV Members are advised that effective from 1st July 2022 the following changes will be made when litters/kittens are registered.  These changes are to adhere to the Victorian State Government requirements for an Applicable Organisation.
  1. ALL kittens must be individually registered and microchipped.
  2. New owner's details should be provided.When available this must be done at the time of the litter registration.
  3. Any kitten registered as an entire must only be kept by the breeder or transferred to a breeder registered with an affiliate of ACF, CCCA or ANCATS or to an acceptable international body. The membership number of the new owner and their source number (if applicable) must be provided at the time of registration.  All other kittens, not sold entire, will be registered as Desexed and a Pet Only pedigree will be issued, unless they are being shown then a full Desexed pedigree will be issued.
  4. Breeders must provide their Source Number on all Litter Registration Forms.
  5. The Source Number will be included on all Litter Registration paperwork from 1st July 2022.

Please ensure you use new forms and not old forms.
All forms can be downloaded from the Members page on this site or
requested from the Secretary and sent via email or hard copies can also be obtained from shows.   
Please ensure when you are filling out any forms they are legible and all information is provided.

The use of old forms or illegible/missing information may result in your request being held up or not processed.

For GCCFV's Social Media Policy,
Code of Practice and AO Memembers Requirements
please go to our Members pags and select the Forms dropdown box.

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 Cat Lovers Festival
Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 October 2024
Melbourne Show Grounds
Limited Number of Breeder Stands Available

For More information click here:
Melbourne Cat Lovers Festival
CLICK HERE to complete the Application Form and confirm your availability and stand requirements.

Members Information
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Find a Breeder

Our breeders are required to abide by the Code of Ethics of GCCFV as well as state legislation. Visit our page devoted to our breeders to find one in your area.

The statement of Purposes of GCCFV is:
i) To promote in every way and foster interest in the general welfare of all cats and kittens
ii) To promote responsible pet ownership
iii) To keep registers and stud books and provide for the registration of cats and breeders’ prefixes and other records
iv) To set standards and breeding guidelines for the breeding of pedigree cats
v) To make regulations for the day to day running of GCCFV vi To set By-Laws for the running of cat shows
vii) To run cat shows and make awards at cat shows
viii) To award titles to qualified cats
ix) To hold instruction classes for judges, stewards and others
x) To appoint judges, stewards and others as required
xi) To accept affiliation from clubs
xii) To become a member or affiliate of other bodies
xiii) To accept membership from interested persons
xiv) To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire real estate and to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of it.
xv) To hold money in accounts in banks or other financial instutions or to hold shares or securities of any kind
xvi) To act as a trustee
xvii) To carry out any other activities deemed beneficial to cats

Visit a Show!

GCCFV affiliate Clubs hold show regularly throughout the year.

Why not take an afternoon to meet the breeders and watch the cats and kittens being judged.

For more information, go to our calendar page

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