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Keryn Rivett ~ Groups 1,2,3



23 Cain Street
Capel Sound 3940


I was given a Seal Point Siamese by one of Ian’s army mates almost forty years ago and this started me off showing and breeding with my mother, Margo’t Maddicks (retired judge), and husband, Ian Rivett (also an ACF All Breeds Judge). I have also bred Burmese and Tonkinese in a small way.

With regards to admin:
• Secretary of the now–closed CAV for over fifteen years until 2002
• ACF Vice President 2004 to 2009
• ACF Secretary 2002 to 2004
• ACF Judges Guild Treasurer from 2005 to 2009
• Editor of Felijudge for a couple of years
• Assistant Editor of the ACF Yearbook for approximately ten years

I have judged in all states and territories of Australia many times over and New Zealand many times.

After coming through a major health scare, I am now very well and very honoured to be a part of GCCFV and home with ACF. I look forward to many more years judging, researching genetics, writing and helping where I am needed.

I have a very busy life full of wonderful family and friends and church–life, craft, genealogy and swimming and I’m currently studying for a Family History Diploma. I have been married to the lovely Ian for almost forty years, we do not have any children except for Barry (Red Burmese) and two Poodle x Maltese dogs called Poppy and Zeki.

Contact Details

Keryn Rivett
23 Cain street
Capel Sound 3940

Ph: (03) 5986 1119
Mobile: 0417 597 241

E–mail: irivett1@bigpond.com
Closest airport: Tullamarine, Melbourne